Object Software Limited is a developer of entertainment software for the PC and through its affiliate, Beijing Object Online Technology Corporation ("Object Online"), an operator in Mainland China of online PC games. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Object Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd, it operates a development studio in the Haidian District of Beijing with a staff of over 150. Since its inception in 1995 it has developed six single player PC games which are "Hooves of Thunder"(1995), "Metal Knight"(1998), "Fate of the Dragon"(2000), "Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs,(2001) Prince of Qin,(2002) and "Seal of Evil,"(2004) and four online PC games titled "World of Qin" (2003), "World of Qin 2"(2005), Dragon Throne Online (2006) and "World of Qin 2: Phoenix Dancing" (2006). All these 4 online games are being operated in Mainland China by Object Online.

"World of Qin 2: Phoenix Dancing" is a 2.5D free

to play mmorpg and is available online in Mainland China under

the name "Feng Wu Tianjiao" at http://fw.object.com.cn/.

"Dragon Throne Online" is a 3D free to play MMORPG

and is available online in Mainland China under the name "Ao

Shi Online" at www.aoshionline.com.

"World of Qin 2" is 2.5D subscription MMORPG prequel to

"World of Qin" and is available online in Mainland China under the

name "Tianjiao 2" at www.tj2.com.cn. It is also available online in

Germany, Austria and Switzerland at http://woq2.gamigo.de

where it is operated by gamigo AG, the leading online game

operator in these territories.
"World of Qin" is a 2D free to play MMORPG which is

available online in Mainland China under the name

"Tianjiao" at www.tjnet.com.cn.
"Seal of Evil" is an ARPG prequel to "Prince of Qin". It is set

in the last years of the Warring States Period about 15 years

before "Prince of Qin". It has been released in the UK, Benelux

and Scandinavia by GMX Media, by Atari in Taiwan, Hong Kong,

Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, by Zest Entertainment

in Thailand, by Noviy Disk in Russia, by Auran Games in

Australia and New Zealand, bhv software in Germany, Austria

and Switzerland and by Strategy First Inc. in North America.
"Prince of Qin" is an ARPG set in the years immediately after

the death of the First Emperor of China in 210 BC. It was released

in 2002 in Greater China by Acer TWP and in North America by

Strategy First. The game has been released by Capcom in Japan

and Korea, by GMX Media in Europe, Australia and New Zealand

and by 1C Company in Russia. "Prince of Qin" was selected by

RPG Codex as one of its favourite games of 2002.
"Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs" is an RTS

game and a follow up title to "Fate of the Dragon". To date it has

been released in Greater China, Japan and Korea (under the

name "Fate of the Dragon: Battle of Red Cliffs") by Acer TWP and

Eidos KK respectively and in North America by Strategy First. In

late 2002 and in 2003 it was released in all the major European

markets and South East Asia.
"Fate of the Dragon" is Object Software's most

successful single player game and has been distributed

worldwide by Eidos Interactive. It is an RTS game based on the

famous historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It

was acclaimed as a "Game of Distinction" by PC Gamer in the

United Kingdom, which also awarded the game an 86% rating.
"Metal Knight" ,an RTS game, was the first game

developed in Mainland China ever to be included in the Top Ten

of PopSoft, the leading PC game magazine in Mainland China.

"Metal Knight" remained in PopSoft's Top Ten for 9 consecutive

months. "Metal Knight" has been licensed for distribution in

Taiwan and Hong Kong and in the United States and Italy.
"Hooves of Thunder" was Object Software's first game

and was the first computer game developed in Mainland China to

be distributed in the United States. The game was converted from

its original DOS code to Windows with entirely new artwork. It was

awarded an 82% rating by PC Gamer in the United States in April

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